A Suite of Trading for NFT Collectors and Teams

The latest innovation in DeFi & NFT serving community and unlocking the full-potential of decentralized technology


Tamago adopts the NFT-first mindset brings NFT front and center of every tool and platform we make ensure the innovation is preserved


Strives to serve community and bridges a gap between NFT teams and holders ensure better navigate the complexities of relations


The merkle tree verification has been applited for various purposes from batching transactions, creating orders and saving users on gas

Raffles On The Go

"NFT Luckbox" is a raffle as a service for any NFT team to distribute their exclusive NFTs, the conditions are given so that all participants must take the necessary action to be eligible prior to the date of draw.

NFT Marketplace


The decentralized barter-based NFT marketplace allows anyone can swap NFT with another without any price confusion

  • No open-ended offers and price setting involves
  • Create and fulfil orders in bulk in a single transaction
  • Safe and securing ownership using Merkle tree
  • Always 0% fees

Financial NFT

We provide the redeemable NFT with real value, backed by crypto and make for being a medium of exchange on the NFT-to-NFT marketplace allows anyone to trade in barter that don't provide any open-ended offer.
Mint Visit v.1



  •   Team Formation
  •   Synthetic Protocol V1
  •   Community Launch


  •   Incubate at ConsenSys' Tachyon Accelerator (Cohort#5)
  •   Shift Direction into NFT-Based Metaverse
  •   NFT Luckbox Project Launch


  •   Value-backed NFT Issuance Protocol (V2)
  •   Single Collateral Type (LP or Stablecoin)
  •   Stablecoin NFT Launch
  •   Polygon and Mainnet Support


  •   Multi Collateral Type (Multi-LP and/or Multi-Stablecoin)
  •   Multi-Chain NFT Swap Project Launch
  •   More Chain Support (BSC, SmartBCH, Harmorny, Arbitrum)
  •   $TAMG Token & Staking Program Launch


  •   Cross-Chain NFT Lending Project Launch
  •   Support NFT as a Collateral
  •   Metasnake Game Launch
  •   DAO Governance Voting Launch


  •   NFT to be Recognized by Government Entities
  •   Co-Building Open Metaverse
  •   B2B Services Integration
  •   Revenue Sharing Program Launch

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